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Flag Day


Flag Day is celebrated in the United States of America yearly on June 14. Naturally, Americans love and honor this day very much.
On this day Americans decorate their houses with flags to show their patriotism. There was a special splash of patriotism after sadly remembered events on September 11, 2001.
Stars and Stripes were the subjects to the approval by Continental Congress in the year 1777 at the height of fighting for independence. The idea to celebrate this day yearly, in all probability, traces its roots in 1885. It happened when Sigrand, a schoolteacher, organized it in a regular school of Wisconsin so it was celebrated on June 14 as a flag`s birthday. In the following years, in numerous journals, newspapers, private letters, Sigrand continued with enthusiasm to propagandize celebration of June 14 as a birthday of the flag.
George Balch, a junior schoolteacher of New York, organized a nice ceremony on June 14, 1889, for children of the school and his idea of the celebration of accepted by the Educational government of New York State.
Following an advice of Lieutenant G. Granville Leach Society of Colonial Communities of America in Pennsylvania adopted a decision to ask Pennsylvanian mayor and other authoritative citizenships to celebrate the day of the flag on June 14. Leach was the one who suggested to celebrate this day as a flag`s day. Schoolchildren were gathered together on this day for certain classes and every kid was given a little flag. Read More ยป